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offline services

We see creative concept development as the heart of results-driven marketing communications. We’re committed to creativity. Not for its own sake, but because it can stimulate deeper engagement with your customers and help build your business. Having connected with consumers, we implement thoughtful activation strategies. In store; on pack or outdoors.


We’re committed to creativity. Not for its own sake, but because it can stimulate deeper engagement with your customers.

When we opened our doors in 1994, we quickly built a reputation for developing powerful integrated communication campaigns.

As solutionists, we see creative concept development as the heart of results-driven marketing communications.

We encourage imaginative thinking and the infinite possibilities that ensue. We believe this method of thinking is the only way to operate as it enables greater connections with consumers and helps build your brand and business.

Having connected with consumers, we implement thoughtful activation strategies. Online or in store; on pack or outdoors; in mainstream or digital media.


We understand that brand identity isn’t just a logo design or a ‘look and feel’. It’s your brand’s statement to the world.

Through our own Brand Genome process, we’ll help you define what your brand stands for. Identify the single thought that makes it distinctive. Then bring it to life so consumers and clients can connect with it.

We’ll start at the beginning with the brand architecture… the structure your brand and business present to the world.

Brand identity is more than a construction of a logo. It represents the message your brand conveys and provides your product/service with individuality and desirability. That’s the power of the brand identities we develop and activate.

It’s also vitally important that everyone in your organisation is singing from the same songbook. We’ll develop brand standards that leave everyone in your organisation in no doubt as to what’s required of them.


We relish working in this space. We develop and activate winning strategies and create effective B2B marketing solutions.

We appreciate working in the b2b area as it gives us an opportunity to cultivate and implement successful strategies and to generate powerful marketing initiatives that drive business and build profitability.

We do this by connecting with your customers through whatever media is most likely to engage them, from traditional print media through to the ever-changing plethora of digital options available.

We also get into the nitty gritty of developing incentive and loyalty programs that tap into the mindset of key customers and staff.

Education and training are also a key part of the b2b marketing process. We will be your hands-on partner in communicating with your team, dealers or customers.


mobius offers specialised investor relations communication for ASX listed companies with mission critical needs.

We provide relevant and engaging investor communications for public companies where timelines, clarity and creativity work in harmony.

Our senior team understands the mission critical nature of investor relations programs. We are committed to delivering creative and effective design solutions which are cost effective, accurate and subject to strict version control.

Meeting deadlines and budgets are equally important. To this end, we have developed eDOP, our proprietary interactive online publishing platform.

Our offering to this specialised market segment include dedicated web sites and design and produce annual reports, investor newsletters and updates, prospectuses, information memorandums and notice of meeting advice.


From development to activation, the more deeply involved in every project and every product we can be, the better we like it.

The deeper we immerse ourselves in your business, the more we enjoy it – and the better the result is for you.

That means working with you on the development of your total marcomms strategy, matching products with people, and discovering insights that can empower your product and engage your consumers.

From refining products to developing to packaging and product positioning, we’ll help you to develop strategies that ensure you achieve your desired product and business outcomes.

Then we’ll recommend market activation strategies, working closely with sales and marketing teams to ensure every opportunity is optimised.


Creative promotions with the power to engage with consumers, dealers or resellers and interrupt their habitual purchasing patterns.

Well-planned promotions can be an effective way to cut through thousands of competing messages and draw attention to your brand.

Our senior team creates promotions with the power to engage with consumers and interrupt their habitual purchasing patterns.

We can also target dealers and resellers, shifting their focus to promote your brand at your competitors’ expense.

We’ll handle the entire process from concept development and prize sourcing to implementation and managing prize fulfillment.

Our in-house experts can handle POS design, production and distribution and also have extensive experience in phone, SMS and web-based promotional campaigns.


Since 1994, we’ve helped to launch over 200 new products and services, across both global and local markets.

The projects have included FMCG across a range of categories, professional services, real estate and staff engagement programmes.

Our preference is to get involved as early as possible in every project.

We’ll search for the right name, often evaluating hundreds of alternatives before bringing our recommendations to the table.

We’ll work with your product planning team, developing product and communications concepts for research.

We’ll help create a distinctive brand that will connect with your consumers and make the most of your product’s potential and contribute to your ongoing management strategy.

We’re also highly experienced in packaging design, which has resulted to our ongoing global appointment by a major consumer brand.


We deliver strategies, programs, campaigns & channels that shape cultures, create engagement & drive organisational transformation.

We have a long history helping organisations improve the effectiveness of their internal communications.

We work with HR and internal communications departments to design, develop and deliver strategies, programs, campaigns and channels that shape cultures, create engagement and drive organisational transformation.

Our objective is always to deliver the right message, through the right channel, in the right format with the right feedback channel so organisations can connect their people and culture, creating trust, loyalty and commitment.

online services

We know our way around a mobile phone, get social media, know how to build a sexy website that actually drives sales, can build custom web apps, and manage large databases. We get all the bits and pieces that make up digital media, but the most important thing is we understand how to make businesses work in the digital space.


Campaign creative can range from simple banners to text links, content marketing, opt in email newsletters and viral marketing. We can help you determine the most effective mix to meet your marketing objectives and budget. We will also work closely with your offline agency to ensure your online creative matches your offline brand values.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising refers to the placement of graphical banners on website. Cost is determined either on a charge per impression (CPM, or cost per thousand impressions) or per click (CPC, or cost per click). We can help you develop banner creative to meet a variety of online objectives including brand awareness, traffic targets and lead generation. We work with all major online advertising networks in Australia, including ninemsn, Yahoo7, News Interactive and Fairfax Digital to ensure your banner campaign placement gets the bests possible results.

Content marketing

Content marketing describes using content and brand to create a link between two sites. We can assist you in licensing your content, creating teaser features on destination websites and integrating your website functions into high traffic media placements.

Email marketing

We will assist in creating compelling content for newsletter and email services to your existing customer databases and building new databases through your website and other media placements. We can help you build targeted campaigns, measure success of email communications and assess legal compliance with privacy and spam legislation.

Viral marketing

Developing a viral campaign is a creative exercise, which aims to create a strong emotional response and motivate users to engage others. Viral campaigns don’t have to be expensive, but they must be good. We can help you devise memorable viral campaigns targeting existing and new audiences.


From digital creative development, to managing online fulfillment & social sharing.

The days of consumers needing to fill out a coupon or entry form, attaching a proof of purchase and post in to your fulfillment centre are over!

Smart phones, tablets and social touch points provide 24/7 content provision and engagement with your market – existing and potential!

Do you run any of the following activities?

  • Consumer sweepstake promotions
  • Facebook promotions
  • Cashbacks / Money backs
  • Sampling
  • Gift with purchase promotions
  • WOM & Friend B Friend activities
  • Extended warranty programs
  • SMS promotions
  • Staff incentive programs
  • Trade incentive programs
  • Training incentive programs

Have you fully integrated the use of digital technology in managing these type of promotions?

We have experience in online sales & incentive promotions from creative development through to complete online fulfillment management.

Our team ensures your campaign is engaging, managed efficiently, on time and in accordance with the legal requirements.

Talk to our team of specialist digital strategists and activators for advice on improving the effectiveness of your campaigns today.


In addition to developing our own web publishing system with over 20,000 lines of code, we have developed a range of web applications – from calculators to interactive maps and reporting tools.

We support a range of web technologies and can provide solutions in both open source and proprietary technologies – php, mysql,, MS SQL, flash, XML, VB.

We have considerable experience working with Macromedia Flash (both animation and action scripting), and have developed a range of sites and applications for clients, including integrating content management systems into flash websites.

We handcode all our HTML and CSS. All HTML developed draws upon the full benefits of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and is developed to minimise page weight and maximise download speed.


It’s one of the primary questions that vexes web managers when they start looking at building or redeveloping their organisation’s website – do we want a content management system or not?

A content management system (‘CMS’) is a software application that enables users with little technical knowledge to update a website with relative ease. Usually there is a trade off between cost and sophistication. The more sophisticated and flexible the system, the more expensive to license and/or implement. A simple CMS will allow you to update webpages with text, image and video, add new pages, and change the navigation. A more complex system will enable you to manage a customer database, broadcast emails and SMS, run sales promotions, sale online, publish and integrate with common public social media platforms.

With the advent of well supported open source platforms such as WordPress, an easy to use content management system is generally within the reach of most businesses. However, you do need to think about which CMS as there are many options out there and they are not all built the same. The starting point is always to think about the role that your website will play in developing your business, both now and in the interim to long term. The results of this analysis will indicate the type of CMS you should invest in. We can also help you answer this question.

We’re not trying to brag, but we’re kinda content management solution experts. We have experience with a range of content management solutions including our own platform populus, WordPress, Drupal, Adobe Contribute, Adobe’s Business Catalyst and SalesForce (which is more of a CRM than a web publishing tool). Based on this experience, we generally work with either WordPress (for smaller sites that largely only require web content management) and populus (for larger implementations that also require functions such as ecommerce, CRM, intranets, and complex forms and workflows).

Having said that we also recognise that clients have different needs. Some clients may not require something of the scale or sophistication of populus, they may have legacy systems that integrate with a particular web solution, or a corporate hosting environment which dictates a particular technology solution. As a result we support a range of solutions.


populus is a sophisticated web publishing solution that has been developed over the last seven years, and is in use, or has been used, by government organisations and some of Australia’s leading companies such as Panasonic, The Hunter Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority, John Swire and Sons, and the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Moreover, populus has some of the best antecedents possible having been initially conceived and developed by the same team that developed and managed the interactive website and community for the Big Brother television event. The learnings from publishing content in a high pressure 24/7 publishing environment with a member base of over 300,000 users and daily page impressions in excess of 1 million have found expression in populus; its publishing methodology and approach to social engagement.

Why use populus?

There are a number of benefits to working with us and the populus platform:

out of the box

We’ve been developing populus for over ten years now, and by creating your website using populus you are getting the distilled benefit of seven years development at a tiny fraction of the cost than if you were to build a custom solution.

populus is continually enhanced

We are continually enhancing the populus
platform, in response to specific client briefs and in response to developments in digital trends and evolving technology. This continuous enhancement is available to you through the version upgrade process. Moreover, we control the development process. Unlike in the case of open source products, you are close to the development team and can have direct input into the product development path.

populus is modular

populus includes a large range of components which can all be implemented independently, which means that your site can grow as your business grows.

populus is a service

This means that we take care of everything – hosting, software maintenance, and application support. populus is hosted in a professional hosting environment here in Australia to ensure top performance.

populus is customisable

Unlike many CMS products, your populus website can be customised to your particular business needs. We will do this either by enhancing the core code or by appending custom code for your site only. And because we’ve built it from the ground up we know how to change it cost effectively.


WordPress is a free hosted blogging service and an open source blogging software platform. However, owing to its simplicity and the large range of themes available many businesses use WordPress as a content management system to publish their website.

Why use WordPress?

easy to use:

The WordPress content management system is easy to use, includes approvals, version control and a large user support community and knowledge base.

cost effective:

For the reasons outlined below we can create a customised website with a full content management system quickly and easily.

looks good:

It’s standards compliant, which means we can build great looking websites with WordPress.

When is WordPress appropriate?

WordPress is a great web publishing tool for small to medium businesses. It is most useful where the business wants to manage a smallish website (20 – 50 pages) primarily made up of webpages with text, images and video. There are plug-ins that will enable you to collect data via web forms, manage documents, and even add an online shop. However, there is a point at which your trying to build a mansion on the back of your 2 bedroom semi which is neither cost effective nor does it look any good. Contact us for a free consultation on whether WordPress is the right solution for your business.

What investment is required?

We build customised WordPress sites, which means that we don’t just install the latest version and grab whatever theme looks closest. We work with you to ensure that your site does what it should – communicate your brand. Budget from $5,000 for us to create you a custom WordPress installation.

We’re also happy to assist clients with existing WordPress implementations; for example, to implement widgets that are beyond the current team’s capability or refine the design of the site.

Why is WordPress so popular?

large range of ‘themes’:

The existence of a large library of ‘themes’ reduces the cost of implementation. We rarely use a theme straight out of its wrapper, but instead customise it to better reflect the brand attributes of the client.

quick to install:

WordPress is very quick to install in the hosting environment, which keeps the cost of implementation down.

open source:

while the lack of a license fee is a benefit, the real value in WordPress being open source is that we’re able to do whatever we like with it. We often customise the base WordPress release to more specifically address a client’s requriements.

plug-ins and extensions:

WordPress has a huge development community behind it who have created a massive library of plug-ins to extend the basic WordPress functionality. This is what enables WordPress to be more than blogging software.

search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

WordPress sites are natively optimised for search engine optimisation. You will still have to manage your content and citations to be really effective, but at least the underlying structure of the site is very SEO friendly.


mobius has been managing sales promotions both offline and online for over 15 years. mobius was the primary below the line agency for Gillette for 5 years. More recently (i)mobius has been responsible for promotions for Castrol Australia, Philips Electronics, Panasonic Australia and 3M.

Regardless of your requirements we’re able to provide a total solution form concept through to fufilment.

  • develop the initial concept and overall creative direction for the campaign
  • develop the necessary marketing collateral including point of sale, banner advertisement and promotional emails
  • build the website to collect online entries
  • source premium SMS short codes and process entries received by SMS
  • write the terms and conditions, apply for permits in all states and territories, conduct draws, notify winners and fufill prizes
  • reporting, analysis and on-going database management

We also hold the relevant state approvals to apply for permits and conduct electronic draws.


As social media the ‘marketing channel’ begins to mature, companies are increasingly saying “so what”. They’ve got lots of people following them on twitter, and everyone seems to ‘like’ them, but they’re not noticing an appreciable impact on sales.

Social Commerce is about linking social media strategies to revenue based objectives and measurable KPIs. Sounds like a good idea … well we can help.

Talk to us about:

  • using public social media platforms effectively to acquire new customers;
  • building and managing your own community to retain customers and increase share of wallet; and
  • motivating your existing customer base to acquire new customers for you.

Tactics can include peer review and recommendation, vouchers and coupons, wishlists, buying groups, affiliate and other network marketing strategies, VIP and loyalty programs, personalised email newsletters, SMS alerts.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring that pages from your website appear as high as possible on the search result pages for the search terms which are most relevant to your business.

Why is this important?

Simply because the bulk of clicks from a search page are to the top 3 – 5 listings. The first item on the page receives by far the most clicks with different studies putting it between 35 – 50% of all clicks.

How it Works

Crawler-based search engines (such as Google or Yahoo!) use ‘spiders’ or ‘bots’ to search pages on the Internet. The search engine spider returns to each website every month or two to check for changes that are relevant to what users are searching for.

Most search engines rank pages based on two key criteria: ‘relevance’ and ‘ranking’.

  • RELEVANCE is a score of how closely the content of a page matches the search term entered by the user
  • RANKING is a measure of the perceived quality of the page (independent of its relevance to the search terms)

Things that will impact your page rank

SEO is an on-going process and there are a series of regular steps that can be taken to maximise the position of the site within the major search engines.

The single most important factor in improving the ranking of a page is the number and quality of the websites linking to that page (and of increasing importance is also the text of the inbound link).

Other important factors include:

  • how often site content is updated (and the regularity of updates)
  • for Google, including video material

Remember that search engines don’t rank websites, they rank web pages.

Our Process

Our SEO process involves the following elements:

  • defining which keywords you should target to maximise the benefit to your business
  • conducting a site audit to identify if any changes need to be made to your site structure reviewing your site to ensure that it is optimised for search engine indexing
  • working with you to develop a strategy to develop quality inbound links
  • advising on (and creating) appropriate content to be added to your site