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Terranova Seeds
Much has been said about the demise of print, not just in terms of newspapers and magazines, but the old staple of many businesses – the brochure.
However, the events of the past few months have activated a change back to printed brochures for a number of reasons. Firstly, people have been forced online in greater numbers than ever before and this has amplified their fatigue in interacting with a screen all day, therefore the opportunity to interact with something tactile and real resonates more than it may normally.
Terranova Seeds managing director Tony Higgs said that printed brochures have made a comeback due to another reason, the cancellation of a number annual conferences and field days and the need to ‘put something physical into customers’ hands with the absence of normal face to face contact. “No doubt there are clients who are happy with a pdf brochure,” he said. “But interestingly, a well crafted brochure is a unique tool as its physical form says something about the author, but also has the added advantage being easily referenced without the need to be on your computer – something I think many people are tired of. Clearly, this especially makes sense for our customers who are distributors or farmers and are out and about in the course of their normal work day.”