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What we love about our job is that we get to work on a huge variety of products, services and brands – shaping how they attract and engage with their target market – never a dull moment.
A project 6 months in the making is our work on the launch of Guarda EDGE, an Australian designed, innovative, step change in the world of concrete cutters.
A marketers dream is to have a product that offers a distinct advantage over its competitors – EDGE is such a product. Its life saving Tri-Vac technology vacuums and extracts deadly silica dust, slurry and fumes while the operator works – the only product in the world today to do so.
As with all start-ups, the budget is tight, the timeframes even tighter and the need to make every post a winner, crucial.
Our client has a marketing background so a lot of the heavy lifting strategy wise was largely formulated before our involvement. One of our key recommendations was that they needed to own the safety category with a distinctive colour, settling on a vibrant lime green in a category where the big players such as Husqvarna and Stihl have powerful visual recognition based around their product colours. We combined this with a powerful, no nonsense message and knock-out graphics across numerous customer facing channels and unique activation ideas for the world launch in the USA early next year.