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Raising the bar for OneSteel

By Corporate, Creative, Online, Our Work, Solutions

This is our second brand development project for OneSteel and a significant assignment even if we say so ourselves. We leapt at the challenge of designing and creating a new brand that bundled up some of the best products in the OneSteel Reinforcing portfolio so as the capture and re-articulate the brand’s unique proposition. With brand activation activities currently our focus, we can’t wait to let this brand loose.

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Brother Shave – High quality razors on subscription

By Consumer, Creative, Online, Our Work, Solutions

Designed for the active military, emergency services and their supporters, Brother Shave is an innovative new subscription service that provides high quality shaving products at a significantly reduced price – with a percentage of profits going to aid those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. mobius was responsible for design, brand development and also built a fully responsive e-commerce site on Shopify.

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There is no such thing as a boring project. There are only boring executions.

Irene Etzkorn

Brand perceptions study for the nation’s biggest motoring group

By Corporate, Creative, Online, Our Work, Solutions

Market leadership is hard fought and rigorously defended by those who enjoy it. AHG is one such company and engaged mobius in collaboration with Stollznow Research to undertake research into a number of its divisions so as to build a knowledge base for key strategic marketing decisions in the highly competitive national transport and logistics space.

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mFR new signing scoops 5th in National ITT

By Creative, Our Work

Against a field of some of Australia’s, and indeed the world’s best cyclists, new signing Ben Dyball scorched the the Elite Mens Individual Time Trial course to come in 5th, finishing behind winner Rohan Dennis (winner of the Tour de France 2015 Prologue), Richie Porte, Damian Howson and Sean Lake.

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The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.

Victor Papanek

How is the VW brand tracking post defeat software debacle?

By In The Loop

When it broke that VW had committed one of the biggest automotive frauds known to man I wondered aloud whether the brand would survive.

Instinctively I felt that it would – there is just too much history and brand equity floating around – the VW beetle is one of the iconic vehicles of all time – cute, reliable, affordable and never took itself too seriously – what’s not to like?

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Credit card marketing – why do they bother?

By In The Loop

I received a letter from Amex on Friday night, outlining (but not explaining) changes to my card conditions.

Now you can always expect that any changes to any existing arrangement with a financial institution will not be in your favour, otherwise they would trumpet it from on high, and probably spend a lot of money advertising it – such is the rarity of this type of event.

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OneSteel mines mobius’ brand experience to launch ‘world first’ steel product

By Uncategorized

The steel products industry has long suffered from rampant commoditisation, driving down prices and stifling the potential for innovation and healthy margins. Recognising this, OneSteel through its Minemesh range of Strata Control and Ground Support Mesh solutions for coal and metalliferous mining applications has been innovating quietly, making significant product improvements that lead to better safety and improved economies for its mining clients including industry juggernauts such as BHP and Glencore.

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There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.

Massimo Vignelli